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A Brief Biographical Note on the Artist...


For those of us who have known Bryan throughout his life, we could always see his inclinations towards the arts, photography in particular. This profession became the focus of his speculation. After an interlude of soul searching, Bryan arrived at that cliff of a decisions that so many artist encounter in their lives. "Do I maintain my contemptible existence of financial comfort and stability, or do I take that leap of faith and pursue my heart?"


Bryan's decision is one he celebrates and cherishes daily. In the ensuing months, Bryan proceeded by investing much of his savings for the proper equipment and hastily went about developing a portfolio that could effectively portray his talent and style. With a stroke of luck, Bryan was soon hired by Chicago Scene Magazine, which provided ample opportunity to learn and grow as a photographer. Hearing from his brothers of the plethora of opportunity for a photographer in Las Vegas, Bryan took his renewed sense of personal exploration, and packed up his bags for the bright lights of the desert!


Bryan now primarily lives with his two brothers in Las Vegas, but continues to split his time between Chicago and So. Cal. to honor existing professional obligations. As a Freelancer, the young photographer has been hired for jobs throughout the U.S. and Central America. Bryan's photographs have been published (to name a few) in The New York Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Weekly, Seven Magazine, Business Insider, Downtown Project, and Frommers Guide Las Vegas. Bryan contributes to several on-going projects and a growing list of commercial clients. Bryan has also done extensive work photographing live models and retail products.


I am happy to observe, In Bryan's courageous pursuit of personal fulfillment, he has even found a replacement for the "financial comfort and stability" risked by choosing this path. I wholeheartedly encourage you to follow and engage in the career of this blossoming talent, undoubtedly, his greatest work still lies ahead.


Written by a friend, admirer, and Schnitzer Brothers groupie...